Nutritional Counseling


We test using a system called Nutrition Response Testing. 

 Nutrition Response Testing is a form of kinesiology testing.  It enables us to find weaknesses before they become conditions or diseases, and this is a true form of prevention.

We check for metal and chemical toxicities, food sensitivities, immune challenges (that may be related to viral, bacterial, parasitic and fungal issues).  Then nutritional support for restoration of vitality is recommended and monitored.  All at a pace that is comfortable for the patient.

Conditions that  we have helped with nutrition programs:

PMS/cycts/fibroids/pcos/menopause/hot flashes, hormonal imbalances,

heart & circulation issues, anxiety/stress,

energy/fatigue issues, headaches/migraines,

digestion/heartburn/IBS, blood sugar imbalances,

depression, chronic pain, sleep disturbance,

children's health issues,

 immune system issues, wellness, etc...

the possibilities are endless when you feed the body what it truly needs.


What our patients have said:

"I came in for chiropractic care for back and neck pain.  In addition to my chiropractic, I received nutrition councelling and have increased my energy level and have a LOT less pain.  I am impressed that I look thinner & feel better all over.  In fact, this is the best I have felt in 6 years!  I am truly thankful I started coming here."  Liz O., Clarkston

"bloating, fatigue, PMS...for 15 years!...I had had traditional blood testing and used supplements before, but no results.  After working with Dr. Tenjeras, I felt results almost immediately!  Life is better!  Everything is better.!"  Melissa H., Oxford

"I was overweight, tired, hurting all over and depressed, possible fibromyalgia, cloudy thoughts, couldn't remember things... for 5 years ...I had multiple expensive blood tests, EKGs, etc, antidepressants, anti-inflammatory drugs.  Didn't really help.  Was told I was depressed and needed to lose weight.  Which made me more depressed, especially after receiving the bill for the tests....   Now I am feeling much more alert, relaxed.  I have energy.  I have started an exercise program.  I have lost about 12 pounds.  Memory and moods are much improved. I am better able to deal with stress at home and at work.  I am making plans to do things I always thought I could not because of poor health.  I have a fun life!  I feel better, I'm happy.  Dr. Jody is able to truly get to the root of my problems.  She is patient and kind and the cost has been very reasonable compared to the costs of ill health - Dr. visits, hospital tests and prescription drugs."  Tana J., Davisburg

"severe abdominal pains during the night ... 5 months duration, tried prescriptions antacids...results with Nutrition Response Testing have been wonderful.  No stomach problems since I began the program.  More energy.  I am so happy the situation was so easily resolved by just taking supplements and monitoring my diet.  This has been way better than going through a lot of invasive tests at the hospital only to have them find nothing."  Brianna C., White Lake

"fatigue (7 or 8 years), depression (over 14 years), overweight (whole life) ... My results so far have been:  I am a lot less fatigued then I used to be.  I feel the sleep I get is more restorative then it used to be.  My feelings of depression are the biggest change for me after the NRT program.  My thoughts and thinking aren't fuzzy anymore and my feelings of doubt and shortcomings have all disappeared.  Overcoming my being overweight has been the biggest challenge for me with the NRT program. Even though I haven't made a ton of progress, I feel Im on the right path with the foods I'm eating right now and at least feeling healthier.  Some other changes I've noticed include my sinuses being less congested and less stomach upset. "  Denise Z., Waterford

"It started with a back injury ... I began nutrition response testing to see if it would help me recover more quickly .. which it did.  Now I feel a lot better.  I have lost 25 pounds, my stress level has gone down, eating habits have been improved.  My digestion has improved greatly ...  I think my general outlook has improved.  I seem less moody.  I don't have the highs and lows you get with consuming too much sugar."  Pam C., Waterford

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