Lakes Area Family Chiropractic


Dr. Jody Tenjeras, D.C., C.C.N.


Dr. Tenjeras is an Advanced Proficiency Rated Doctor for Activator Methods


Advanced Certified in Nutrition Response Testing


Our mission is to help people who want to enjoy good health

achieve their goals naturally!


We offer a holistic approach to health and healing through:

Nutrition Response Testing 

(Advanced Certified in Nutrition Response Testing through Ulan Nutritional Systems, Inc.)

Chiropractic Care

(Activator Methods, Advanced Proficiency Rated Doctor)

Laser Therapy

Massage Therapy

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While visiting our office is similar to visiting other healthcare providers, it does have some unique elements:

A typical NUTRITION visit usually happens only after we send some forms to you to fill out at home.  They take some time and thought to fill out and we save a lot of time by having you complete them prior to your first visit.  On the first visit there will be an extensive consultation where you get to express all of your concerns about your health.  A non-invasive, computerized test is performed, an explanation of how muscle testing (kinesiology) works and some preliminary testing to get things started.  You may be given a few supplements to begin with and asked to begin journalling your food intake.  Typically, your healing will take place over a period of months, with visits to our office beginning approximately every 2 weeks to once a month.  We are here to educate you to make decisions that will lead to your long-term wellness. (Get more information by clicking on the  Nutritional Counseling  tab at the top of this page).

 A typical CHIROPRACTIC visit includes an initial intake, examination, treatment and follow-up plan. Our chiropractic intake forms are thorough and necessary in order to take all health factors into consideration.  A consultation is followed by a physical exam.  We do not routinely take xrays in our office, but do them on a case by case basis.  Treatments are called "adjustments."  The chiropractic adjustment uses a controlled force, leverage, direction, amplitude and velocity directed at specific joints.  This improves the functioning of the joints, restoring a more fluid motion (just as they were designed to have).  Adjustments are used not only in the spine, but anywhere a joint can misalign and decrease function.  Other joints such as the foot, ankle, knee, hip joint, pelvis,  wrist, elbow, shoulder and jaw (TMJ) may also be painful or contributing to pain elsewhere.  Typically you will receive a series of adjustments separated by either a day or few days, to incrementally reduce the irritation and improve normal function.  (For more information, please click on the  Chiropractic Care  tab at the top of this page).

A typical first visit for LASER THERAPY involves filling out intake forms followed by an indepth consultation and examination.  The laser therapy is very safe and non-invasive.  A complete treatment takes approximately 10 minutes per joint/area being treated.  The laser instrument is a hand-held unit that emits a red light and has an adjustable muscle stimulation component that feels like a "buzz" against your skin.  A typical treatment plan consists of 6 treatments given 2 to 4 times per week.  (For more information, please click on the  Laser Therapy  tab at the tope of this page).


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(We are located on Highland Road (M-59) in White Lake in a brown brick building.  We are between the Dairy Queen and the Bird/Fish store just west of Teggerdine, on the South side of M-59.  (We are on the back side of the building).


Meet Dr. Tenjeras:

Before attending chiropractic college, I worked supervising a drafting department for an automotive cable supplier.  Even then I was interested in natural health, but I didn't know much about how the human body worked.  That all began to change when my husband began seeing a chiropractor.  I would go with him to his appointments and not only did his back feel better, but he seemed to have more energy and flexibility.  It wasn't long before I became a patient, and I wasn't even having any pain.  But I noticed my neck was looser, my digestion was better when I got chiropractic adjustments.  Our chiropractor began to persuade my husband to become a chiropractor.  He talked about how if we just provide good nutrition, remove "kinks" that interfere with proper nerve supply and muscle function, exercise and sleep well, the body heals itself - every time.  So, although he never convinced by husband, I was sold!  The chiropractic lifestyle made sense to me.  And I could work doing something that gave me purpose... helping others.

As I began my practice, it was actually fun to go to work.  People came, they got better and began functioning at a new level.  Once in a while I had a tough case that was difficult to solve, but they were few and far between.  As years went by, however, the tough cases seemed to increase.  I could tell there was something more - something holding them back from healing.  I just wasn't sure what .. . until I attended my first Nutrition Response Testing seminar.  This was the missing piece.  My own improvement was miraculous to me.  I lost weight, got stronger and felt more energized.  So, now I have the piece of the puzzle to take even the tough cases to a new level of health.

I've watched so many people with all kinds of symptoms go to their M.D's and get put on prescription drugs.  Sometimes it removes the symptoms, sometimes not so much. ... that usually leads to more drugs - or surgeries.  They get sicker and sicker with all the side effects of their drugs.  I am excited to have an alternative that doesn't have side effects . . . it has side benefits!  Proper nutrition gives the body the fuel to do the rebuilding.  Too many people are too stressed out, eat fast food, packaged and processed foods that do not refuel the body and over time they have more cells dying off than rebuilding... aging and disease become accelerated.  Proper nutrition can restore health.  It's like the fountain of youth!

I'd like to show you how it IS possible to feel healthy again, naturally.

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