Wellness through Chiropractic

and Nutrition






Our mission is to help people who want to enjoy good health 
achieve their goals naturally!

We offer a holistic approach to health and healing through:

Nutrition Programs
Chiropractic Care
Laser Therapy
Massage Therapy


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Mon &  Wed & Friday:  9:00 - Noon & 2:00 - 6:00pm

Tues:  2:00 - 5:00pm


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What will your health be like in the future if you don't act today? 


 I'd like to show you how it IS possible to feel healthy again,


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 (We are located on Highland Road (M-59) in White Lake. We are in a brown brick building located between the Dairy Queen and Bird/Fish Store just west of Teggerdine.       We're on the South side of M-59 and our office is located in the suite on the back side of the building).

(248) 698-8677

Lakes Area Family Chiropractic     10635 Highland Road     White Lake, MI  48386


(248) 698-8677

Lakes Area Family Chiropractic

10635 Highland Road

White Lake, MI  48386